We are leaders in the industry when it comes to sustainability and environmental preservation. Our business model incorporates best practice procedures and policies to provide our clients with an environmentally conscious choice. This is the foundation of our company, something we live by, not just a marketing strategy.

Ottawa Concrete Polishing ensures that materials are sourced from local suppliers to reduce the energy costs of transportation. Concrete is a strong, highly durable material with an excellent thermal mass that withstands the insults of nature. Since 80% of a building’s CO2 emissions are from electric utilities (heating, lighting and air conditioning), the heat-retaining properties of concrete results in reduced energy usage compared with other building materials. When a building has reached the end of it’s life, the concrete can be crushed and re-used as aggregate – thus completing a sustainable cycle.

Sustainable Reasons for polished concrete:

For information on exactly what categories Ottawa Concrete Polishing will help achieve LEED® points in, email us at

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