Clarity of Reflection in Polished Concrete

Also known as distinction of image, refers to how defined, crisp and clear the reflection of objects are when looking straight down (not out at an angle) into a surface. There is a difference between a crisp and clear reflection and a dull one.

Ground concrete has a flat appearance with no reflection.

Honed concrete will have a well-refined and even appearance; the finish will have a muffled but crisp shine that lacks defined clarity of reflection. A honed finish stops at 200 or 400 grit. Note: a 400 grit honed finish still has a dull sheen and will have higher clarity of reflection than a 200 grit finish.
Semi Polished concrete will have greater reflection with a crisp appearance. A semi polished finish stops at 800 grit.
Highly Polished concrete will have depth and clarity of reflection like a mirror. A highly polished finish stops at 1,500 grit. If a floor has been properly processed, there is no need to go higher in grits.

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