Concrete floors are increasingly becoming the floor finish of choice in commercial and residential buildings. The century old material (concrete) is evolving as an artistic medium, providing many advantages; design flexibility, longevity, ease of maintenance, hygiene and cost effectiveness. Our polished concrete solutions are versatile enough to realize any vision of what a home can be. While it is ideally suited to modern contemporary homes and apartments, polished concrete is moving outside of these applications into a much broader range of home styles. Residential environments provide a unique and ideal opportunity to simultaneously turn a seemingly grey or neutral floor covering into a high performance and design oriented flooring option tailored to complement individual living spaces. Building your new home or renovating your existing one is exciting. Whether it’s a new or existing concrete slab, our techniques at Ottawa Concrete Polishing can transform its raw, dull surface into a marble like finish with many benefits.

The following are just some of the areas in your home that we can provide a beautiful, long lasting finish:


Condos & Lofts

Custom Homes


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