Restoring of concrete is matter of proper preparation approaches.

The condition of some concrete can be uneven, cracked in several places, and the surfaces can be spalling, weakening and softening. Our experienced team can repair all the weak spots and cracks with a polymer material that provides sufficient flexibility to avoid further deterioration of the concrete. Semi rigid epoxy can also be placed to further strengthen the concrete from natural expansion and contraction, which is usually what starts the cracking problem.

Once preparation is completed, the surface can be grinded to bring out the natural “aggregate” or stone originally embedded in the concrete slab.

Once the preparation process is completed, we can apply acid stains by hand.The beauty of acid stains is its translucent features. This transparency allows for the aggregate to be enhanced with the stain colors.

In concrete restoration you can have your concrete colored with acid stains, water-based stains, epoxies, even polished concrete treatments.

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