Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete turns the thought of grey, dusty and dull into something entirely different- a beautiful and dramatic piece of art. There are many choices in color and sheen as well- from a matte polished concrete surface to a glossy mirror like finish. The finished surface alone isn’t nearly enough to describe all the benefits of polished concrete.

The process of densifying, coloring and polishing actually makes the concrete a lot harder as well. It provides extremely durable surfaces which are also very easy to maintain and have minimal maintenance costs.

There are design options available- your only limitation is your imagination.


Due to ambient and reflective lighting, having polished concrete will reduce maintenance costs.  There is no need for installation as we work with existing concrete.

Immediate Use

Floors can be used immediately after polishing and/or colouring of the concrete. As there are no chemicals and hazardous materials, floors are ready for use instantly.  There is no need to shut down a plant or to vacate the house.

Stain Resistant

Due to densifying and hardening of sources, polished concrete repeals oil along with various contaminants which are unable to penetrate the surface.

Slip Resistant and Dust Free

Although a polished concrete has a reflective appearance, it does not create a slippery floor. It also remains dust-free.

Eco-Friendly (LEED)

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. Polished concrete contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Revives Old Concrete Floors

Grinding, polishing, coloring & densifying – our process brings old concrete to life.

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