Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings

Epoxy Coatings are a great solution for resurfacing old concrete. Whether you are installing a new floor, or restoring an existing surface, Ottawa Concrete Polishing can help. It makes a perfect concrete sealer for industrial coatings, commercial stores, food safe areas, residential garages and so on.

Despite the durability of concrete, it is extremely porous and can absorb various liquids and chemicals. Our high quality epoxy is the most durable flooring surface in the world; resistant to high traffic areas, resistant to chemicals, alkalis and acids. Epoxies are also seamless making them very sanitary for whatever your needs are.

Epoxies require a higher degree of installation knowledge because its repair or removal due to poor installation or budget considerations can be a very costly fix. Moisture, vapors, ground composition, even regional environmental characteristics affect how epoxies react when installed.

Moisture blocking from below the surface is the most common problem we see in installations. These problems come from homeowners and property owners who think that the big box epoxies are just fine or perhaps from a non-industrial coatings professional lack of understanding, such as a property owner how to precisely mitigate all the weak spots in the installation.

We ensure al our customers know all options, reasons and limitations your installation may have and give you the best solution for your specific needs.

For more details please call us at 613-282-5334 office or emails us info@ottawaconcretepolishing.com

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