Commercial Flooring

Commercial & Industrial spaces are especially challenging environments that need to strike a fine balance between form and functionality. On the one hand they need to be tough, resilient and practical, yet they are often retail or office operations looking to provide a unique customer experience through the aesthetics. They can range from vehicle showroom floors, warehouses, art galleries, wine estates, factories and big brand retail outlets to boutiques, salons and office spaces. Traditionally coverings and coatings such as vinyl, thin film coatings, tiles and carpets etc have been hailed the flooring of choice. With limited life cycles, high maintenance and significant downtime involved in replacement or refurbishment, these alternatives have not provided the cost, maintenance and longevity benefits needed for a robust industrial/commercial environment. Polished concrete delivers a flooring alternative which is not a coating or covering, it will not wear or peel off over time, rather it is a method for mechanically grinding, treating and polishing concrete floors, substantially reducing the need for thin film coatings or other traditional flooring types, providing a surface that can withstand even the toughest traffic.

The benefits:

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